Welcome to Shaldon Village Store - 01626 873426
Welcome to Shaldon Village Store - 01626 873426

Store Refit January 2021

As many of you know we had planned a full store refit in the Spring of 2020.

As a result of the Pandemic we were only able to update the cooler and fridge units. That made a massive difference to our ability to look after our customers and offer a wide range of chilled products.  

However we were unable to replace the shelving, ceilings, floor coverings, lighting, counter area and air conditioning.

We are very pleased to announce that we have managed to plan for and secure a Refit Programme to complete the exercise.

We will be closing the Store from Monday 18 January 2021 and reopening the follow Monday 25 January 2021.

We apologise for the disruption, we are sure you will understand.

To ensure that you can still pick up essentials we will be offering an ‘essentials’ service from the rear door of the shop from 08.00 until 13.00 Hrs daily.